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Recent CruiseCompete Press Releases:

05/13/2015Expecting? Know Cruise Line Pregnancy Policies Before You Book & Sail
05/05/2015CruiseCompete Releases May 2015 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
04/02/2015CruiseCompete Releases April 2015 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
03/08/20157 Top-Trending River Cruise Ships in 2015 – Insider Report from CruiseCompete
03/03/20157 Top-Trending Upscale Contemporary and Premium Cruise Ships in 2015 – Insider Report From CruiseCompete
03/03/2015CruiseCompete Releases March 2015 CruiseTrends™ Reports - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
02/26/2015The 7 Top-Trending Ultra-Luxury and Ultra-Premium Cruise Ships in 2015 – Insider Report From CruiseCompete
02/03/2015CruiseCompete Releases February 2015 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
01/27/2015CruiseCompete Adds Viking Ocean Cruises to Its Comprehensive Cruise Offerings
01/22/2015Record Number of New River Ships and Ocean Cruise Ships On Tap for 2015 and Beyond
01/08/2015Consumer & Authoritative Research Reveals Eight (8) Significant Trends Cruise Travelers May Expect in 2015
01/06/20152014 Year In Review: A Year of Cruise Industry Consumer Trends and Preferences
12/10/2014From a Date with a Turtle in the Sea Green Ocean to Gorgeous Jewelry Replicas. Gift Giving Ideas Made Easy With These Portable Gifts for Frequent Travelers
12/03/2014CruiseCompete Releases December 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
11/11/2014The 10 Most Praised Ultra-Luxury Cruise Ships in 2014 – Insider Report from CruiseCompete
11/04/2014CruiseCompete Releases November 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
10/01/2014CruiseCompete Releases October 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
09/15/2014CruiseCompete Celebrates 11th Anniversary, Flourishes Due to Consumer Reviews & Sharing
09/02/2014CruiseCompete Releases September 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - Insight Into “What is Trending” With Consumers for Ocean and River Cruises
08/07/201420 Most Popular Family Cruise Ships - Biannual Insider Report from CruiseCompete. Consumer Reviews Reveal Most Popular “WOW” Cruise Ships for Families
08/05/2014CruiseCompete Releases August 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Domestic Ship “American Star” Tops River Requests
07/16/2014Unique Small-Ship Sailing Experiences to Tahiti & Polynesia, Ireland, Scotland & Wales and the Hawaiian Islands
07/02/2014CruiseCompete Releases July 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Caribbean Most Popular Booking Destination for Premium Cruise Lines
06/30/2014CruiseCompete Adds American Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat Company to Its Comprehensive Cruise Offerings
06/17/2014CruiseCompete Adds Blount Small Ship Adventures and Un-Cruise Adventures to Comprehensive Cruise Offerings
06/04/2014CruiseCompete Releases June 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – River Cruise Interest for 2015 and Multigenerational Cruising Trending
05/14/2014World Cruise Sold Out in Four Days: Limited Availability for 2015
05/06/2014CruiseCompete Releases May 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Oceania Cruises Dominates Luxury Sector Requests for the Fourth Straight Month
04/22/2014Set Sail in Style with All-Inclusive Luxury Cruising
04/03/2014CruiseCompete Releases April 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Oceania Cruises Tops Luxury Requests for Third Straight Month
03/04/2014CruiseCompete Releases March 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Oceania Cruises Dominates the Luxury Sector For a Second Month
02/12/2014What is Your River Ship Size – XS, S, M or L? Choose the Perfect River Cruise Ship Size in 2014
02/04/2014CruiseCompete Releases February 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – Warm Destinations Remain Popular In These Frigid Winter Months
01/23/2014What’s Your Cruise Ship Size: XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL? The Differences Between Cruise Ship Sizes and What it Means for Your Cruise
01/14/20142013 Year In Review: A Year of Cruise Industry Consumer Trends and Preferences
01/06/2014CruiseCompete Releases January 2014 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data – 2014 Cruise Index Numbers Begin With an Increase Over 2013
12/30/2013Consumer & Authoritative Research Reveals Most Significant Trends Cruise Travelers May Expect in 2014
12/10/2013The Best Gifts at Sea: CruiseCompete’s 2013 Guide to Easy Gift Giving on a Cruise
12/04/2013CruiseCompete Releases December 2013 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - 2013 Cruise Index Numbers End with an Increase Over 2012
11/01/2013CruiseCompete Releases November 2013 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - 2013 Cruise Index Numbers Show Consistent Upward Trend Over 2012
10/23/20137 Cruise Itineraries to Ethereal Locations Where Legends That Transcend Time Were Born
10/03/2013CruiseCompete Releases October 2013 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data - December, 2013 Holiday Bookings Continue at a Strong Pace
09/25/2013A Spiritual & Mystic Pilgrimage to Asia, the Far East and the Middle East via Cruise Ship
09/19/2013CruiseCompete Celebrates 10th Anniversary and 12 Million Quotes, Flourishes Due to Viva Voce While Consumers Share 7 Reasons They Love CruiseCompete
09/10/201324 Ethereal Locations Where Legends That Transcend Time Were Born
09/04/2013CruiseCompete Releases September 2013 CruiseTrends™ Reports Data
08/01/2013CruiseCompete Releases August 2013 CruiseTrends™ Report Data
07/02/2013CruiseTrends™ Reports for First Half of 2013 Now Available at CruiseCompete.com
06/13/2013Family Travel: A Summer Guide to the Cruise Line Children's Programs
06/03/2013CruiseCompete Releases June 2013 CruiseTrends™ Report Data
05/03/2013CruiseCompete releases May 2013 CruiseTrends™ report data
04/02/2013CruiseCompete releases April 2013 CruiseTrends™ report data
03/18/2013Extraordinary destination wedding ideas: breathtaking ceremonies in exotic locales
03/05/2013CruiseCompete releases March 2013 CruiseTrends™ report data
02/08/2013CruiseCompete Short Items
02/01/2013CruiseCompete Releases February 2013 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2013 Cruise Index™
01/09/2013CruiseCompete Presents 9 Top Cruise Travel Trends for 2013
01/03/2013CruiseCompete Releases January 2013 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2013 Cruise Index™
01/03/2013A Year in Review of Cruise Industry Consumer Trends and Preferences
12/11/201246 Sacred, Spiritual or Miraculous Sites to Visit via a Cruise Ship
12/04/2012CruiseCompete Releases December 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
11/13/2012CruiseCompete’s 2012 Top 7 “Wow!” Ideas for Holiday Gift Giving on a Cruise Ship
11/02/2012CruiseCompete Releases November 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
10/30/2012Cruise Line Perks Grandparents Love to Share With Young Cruisers
10/04/2012CruiseCompete Releases October 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
09/15/2012CruiseCompete celebrates 9th anniversary: Named among top websites by Travel + Leisure magazine
09/07/2012CruiseCompete LLC (An Iowa Company) Takes Top Honors in Travel + Leisure Magazine's "Top 60 Best Apps and Websites for Travelers"
09/04/2012CruiseCompete Releases September 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
08/16/2012What are the Christmas Markets and are Shore Excursions Included?
08/06/2012CruiseCompete Releases August 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
07/24/2012CruiseCompete Experts & Travelers Rank the Best Apps for Traveling With Children
07/17/2012Travel Technology or Customer Care: Are They Mutually Exclusive?
07/03/2012CruiseCompete Releases July 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
06/29/2012CruiseCompete Adds France Cruises Hotel Barge Cruises to Comprehensive Cruise Offerings
06/15/2012How To Spend The Day On A Private Island With Your Family
06/04/2012CruiseCompete Releases June 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
05/23/2012The Best Deals and Perks for Families from the Cruise Experts at CruiseCompete
05/01/2012CruiseCompete Releases May 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
04/17/2012Which Cruise Lines are Best Suited for Family Vacations?
04/04/2012CruiseCompete Releases April 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
03/21/2012Spending the Day on a Private Island - the Ultimate Port of Call
03/08/2012CruiseCompete Releases March 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
02/23/2012The Top 10 Cruise Lines for Specialty Dining
02/21/2012The Newest Ships for 2012 Showcase Luxury, Longships and a Riverboat Revival
02/14/2012Five Fascinating Shore Excursion Adventures Hand Picked by Cruise Travel Experts
02/02/2012CruiseCompete Releases February 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
01/10/2012CruiseCompete Releases CruiseTrends™ 2011 Annual Report
01/05/2012CruiseCompete Releases January 2012 CruiseTrends™ Report and 2012 Cruise Index™
01/02/2012The Hottest Cruise Trends For 2012
12/02/2011CruiseCompete Releases December 2011 Cruise Index and CruiseTrends Report
11/18/2011The Top 7 "Wow!" Ideas For Bringing Gift-Giving To Your Family On A Cruise Ship
11/04/20117 Reasons You Will Want to Travel Aboard the American Queen
11/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes November 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report. Adding New Cruise Index Providing Snapshot of Cruise Price Fluctuations
10/14/2011CruiseCompete Offers Solutions for Mixing Baby Boomers & Gen Y (aka Echo Boomers, Generation Me and Millennials) on a Cruise Ship
10/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes September 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
09/30/2011CruiseCompete Adds Versatile Shore Excursion Booking Tool
09/15/2011CruiseCompete Celebrates 8th Anniversary, 8.5 Million Consumer Quotes
09/02/2011CruiseCompete Publishes August 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
08/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes July 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
07/15/20117 Reasons That Fall is the Ideal Time for a Repositioning Cruise
07/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes June 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
06/30/2011The New River Cruise Ships For 2011 and 2012
06/23/2011The Luxury Cruise Lines New Ships for 2011 and 2012
06/16/2011The New Cruise Ships For 2011 and 2012
06/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes May 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
05/31/2011Land vs. Cruise: Which is the Better Deal for a Family Vacation?
05/17/2011CruiseCompete Offers the Best of Both Worlds - 7 Reasons Consumers Use CruiseCompete
05/10/2011Everything Families Need to Know When Traveling Via Cruise Ship With Children
05/02/2011CruiseCompete Publishes April 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
04/19/2011Live Like Royalty on a Private Island with Butlers in Open-Air Gazebos
04/01/2011CruiseCompete Publishes March 2011 CruiseTrends™ Report
03/09/2011CruiseCompete Offers Five Reasons A River Cruise Should Top Your Travel To-Do List
03/04/2011Cruise the Open Roads and the High Seas! Cruise Ships & Harleys
03/01/2011CruiseCompete Adds Destinations to CruiseTrends™ Report
02/16/2011New River Cruise Ships For 2011
02/02/2011What's Trending In Cruise Travel?
01/18/2011New Ships Captivate With Culture, Charm and Sensational Amenities – The Cruise Ship Debuts For 2011
12/16/2010Media Advisory: CruiseCompete Announces CruiseTrends Report™
11/04/2010Around the World Via Cruise Ship: Experience Penguin Colonies, Fishing in The Amazon, and Riding a Camel All On One Voyage
10/26/2010Five Over-The-Top Adventures of Faith, Fast Cars, the Wild Side of Alaska and Culture
10/21/2010Why Families Are Choosing Vacations At Sea for the New Holiday Tradition
10/05/2010Seven Reasons to Explore the Big World of Small Ship Cruising
09/15/2010CruiseCompete Celebrates 7 Million Quotes on 7 Year Anniversary
08/12/2010A Breathtaking Fall Foliage Experience Via Cruise Ship
06/17/2010The next great adventure: taking an inaugural cruise
06/08/2010Family vacation on the horizon? Updated cruise line policies for traveling with children from 3 months to 8 years old
06/03/2010CruiseCompete Joins Forces with ABetterStay.com to Provide Travelers with Great Deals on Vacation Rentals
06/02/2010Men And Cruising: Cruise Lines Cater To Men's Interests
05/26/2010CruseCompete: Revolutionary Website Changes How Travelers Shop For Cruises
04/19/2010Transatlantic cruises alternative to air travel disrupted by volcanic ash cloud
04/13/2010Cruise Compete reaches 1.5 Million Consumer Request Milestone
03/09/2010CruiseCompete Adds Seven New Small Ship Cruise lines to Website Five additional Cruise lines to be Offered
02/17/201015-Day Expedition Cruise to the North Pole is Aboard Nuclear-Powered Russian Icebreaker "50 Years of Victory"
02/10/2010River-Cruises requests and sales surge at CruiseCompete.com
01/21/2010Best of both worlds: cruise on the open roads and on the high seas
01/21/2010Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals locations
01/12/2010High fashion on the high seas - planning your cruise wardrobe
01/08/2010BabyMoons and cruise line rules for your pre-baby romantic getaway
01/08/2010Pregnancy Policies by Cruise Line
12/13/2009Hurtigruten partners with Cruise Compete
11/19/2009CruiseCompete adds South Pacific luxury small-ship cruises to website
11/10/2009CruiseCompete enriches offerings with unique cruises to classical civilizations
11/10/2009Baby-friendly cruising- the best cruise lines for families with infants
10/20/2009Family cruise bookings steady with an uptick
09/15/2009CruiseCompete celebrates sixth anniversary
08/06/2009Cruises are this year's hot gifts for winter
07/09/2009You Do WHAT On a Cruise Ship?
06/17/2009CruiseCompete Launches New Cruise Video Library Series
06/09/2009For tech savvy cruisers its easier than ever to stay connected
05/20/2009Private Islands Make Fabulous Memories for Families and Romantic Couples
05/05/2009Shorts regarding unique trip planning websites
04/09/2009CruiseCompete Reaches Major Milestone - One Millionth Consumer Request
03/31/2009CruiseCompete identifies 33 North America cruise departure ports
03/25/2009Get paid to buy stock before you cruise (really!)
01/20/2009Guys and Cruises: The new male H(e)aven
01/13/2009Matrimony, Cruise-Style
12/30/2008Instead of the Ocean, Try a River (Cruise)
11/18/2008Easy Decision in a Tough Economy
09/15/2008CruiseCompete celebrates its fifth anniversary with 79 percent increase in ultra-luxury cruise bookings
09/10/2008A dozen extraordinary shore excursions for adventuresome cruisers
07/16/2008Break from tradition this holiday season - Ride a Wave
06/25/2008Family Reunions with a Splash
05/07/2008CruiseCompete Sales Up 25 Percent During First Four Months of This Year
04/22/2008Consumer Interest in Canada / New England Cruises Surging
03/14/2008Parents taking a cruise with tween or teenage children
02/26/2008Guys and Cruises: A match made at sea
01/22/2008Tee It Up: Cruise Lines Shoot Hole-in-One with Golf Offerings
12/13/2007Around the World in 80 Days for Today's Sophisticated Cruise Traveler
10/31/2007Personal cell phone connectivity now virtually standard across cruise industry
09/27/2007Private islands continue to be among the most popular Caribbean cruise stops.
08/09/2007The Great Debate: Booking a cruise early or late?
04/10/2007Russia and the Baltic Sea - A Cruise Experience Like No Other
07/20/2006Internet cafes and WI-FI hotspots now standard on most cruise ships.
06/21/2006Cruise travelers without passports will soon be left on land.
05/23/2006A baker's dozen: Pampered in luxury at sea
04/27/2006Fun is the name of the game for kids aboard today's cruise ships.
03/23/2006Active travelers now enjoying the adrenaline rushes at sea.
02/13/2006Tips to make tipping easier on cruises
02/06/2006Cruise lines have introduced new ports of call for 2006
11/07/2005Cruise travel questions answered by new 2006 guidebooks
10/05/2005As gas prices rise, cruise prices can go down
07/14/2005Pack for a Cruise - Pack Smart
04/26/2005Visits to Caribbean Private Islands Make Vacations Truly Memorable
04/07/2005Staying Connected at Sea with E-mail, Voice Mail and the Web
02/16/2005CruiseCompete.com introduces new travel service: SoldOutShips.com
02/14/2005Experience The Perfect Marriage of Cruise Travel & The Internet
02/01/2005CruiseCompete.com dispels cruise vacation myths
11/30/2004Cruises Filling Fast, Cruisers Find Best Prices At CruiseCompete.com
10/26/2004Expanded Search Capabilities to Identify Cruises
10/18/2004Special holiday gifts for travelers: Super Luxury Cruises
07/26/2004Fighting "Travel Click - o - phobia"
07/14/2004Vacation Value for the Money
05/20/2004CruiseCompete.com Lands Key Partners
01/21/2004Economic Growth Requires Smarter Cruise Shopping
10/27/2003Price-Compare Site a Hit with Cruise Travelers

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