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MV Aegean Odyssey

MV Aegean Odyssey cruise ship

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12 Night Moorish Odyssey from Malaga to Tenerife
Sail the Guadalquivir River in Spain before crossing the mouth of the Mediterranean to the souks, markets and palaces of Morocco, including Marrakesh, the walled city of Taroudant and Casablanca. Explore the volcanic landscapes and parks of Lanzarote and La Palma in the Canaries, before completing your journey in Tenerife.
2018 Sails: Nov 9

13 Night Ancient Greece & Dalmatian Coast from Athens to Venice
Take an unforgettable journey between the two gems of art history, Athens and Venice. Explore Athens and Corfu before admiring the natural wonder of Kotor Bay, then sail to Dubrovnik and visit Diocletian’s massive mausoleum in Split. This voyage also includes a visit to the Italian city of Trieste and an overnight stay in Venice.
2018 Sails: May 5

13 Night Dalmatia and Ancient Greece from Venice to Athens
This is an unforgettable voyage sailing between the two great cities of Venice and Athens. Along the way enjoy the dramatic scenery of Kotor Bay, stunning coastal cruising in Dalmatia, the sites of ancient Olympia and a call at Hydra, one of Greece’s most charming islands.
2018 Sails: Sep 24

13 Night The Aegean Experience I roundtrip from Athens
From the world-famous Acropolis, site of the Parthenon, to the monastery of Osios Loukas, the Greek amphitheater of Epidaurus and the Palace of Knossos, to the Acropolis of Lindos, and the sacred island of Delos, this voyage is Greek Island cruising at its very best.
2018 Sails: Sep 30

13 Night The Aegean Experience II roundtrip from Athens
A dedicated Greek cruise, where you will see the capital’s many wonders, including the world-famous Acropolis and Parthenon, the monastery of Osios Loukas and Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. You will also visit the Temple of Apollo, the island of Tinos and the spectacular Byzantine Monasteries at Meteora.
2018 Sails: Oct 9

13 Night The Aegean Experience and Cairo roundtrip from Athens
Begin your cruise with a two-night hotel stay in Athens for the capital’s many wonders, including the majestic Parthenon. You'll also explore one of the greatest cities of the Mycenaean civilization, Mycenae and The Greek amphitheater of Epidaurus. This voyage also includes visits to Heraklion, Crete and Cairo for an overland trip.
2018 Sails: Oct 17

14 Night A Voyage Through the Middle Sea from Athens to Malage
A voyage from Athens to Malaga, along the way visiting the Minoan settlements of Akrotiri in Santorini and Knossos in Crete, as well as Catania, the Maltese capital of Valletta. Enjoy a walking tour of Sicily’s Greek and Roman ruins, and the Palatine Chapel and Cathedral in Palermo, before disembarking in Malaga or an optional 2-night hotel stay post-cruise.
2018 Sails: Oct 27

14 Night Classical Civilizations of the Southern Mediterranean
See the Minoan settlements of Knossos in Crete and Akrotiri in Santorini. Enjoy a walking tour of Sicily’s Greek and Roman ruins, explore the Palatine Chapel and Cathedral in Palermo, Catania and the Maltese capital of Valletta, before disembarking in the Greek capital of Athens for a two-night hotel stay.
2019 Sails: Apr 12

15 Night Classical Italy & the Adriatic From Venice to Rome
Start with an overnight in Venice and then join Aegean Odyssey to cruise to the Renaissance treasures of Urbino and the charming Croatian ports of Split and Dubrovnik before heading back to ancient Lecce. This voyage also includes visits to Corfu, Butrint, Taormina and Sorrento, before your final port of call, Rome, for a 2-night hotel stay.
2018 Sails: May 17

15 Night Italian and Adriatic Highlights from Rome to Venice
Sail from the treasures of Imperial Rome to the canals, palaces and museums of Venice. Other highlights include the magnificent Amalfi Coast, the evocative ruins of Pompeii, the charming Croatian ports of Split and Dubrovnik and the Renaissance art of Urbino.
2018 Sails: Sep 10

17 Night Renaissance Italy & Historic Islands from Rome to Seville
Begin your voyage with a two night stay in Rome, giving you plenty of time to see the great sites, including the Vatican, Colosseum and Ostia Antica. Sail to Florence, Pisa and Elba, before cruising the Italian Riviera to France, where Bonifacio and Ajaccio await you. Continue onward to Spain and Cadiz before completing your journey in Seville.
2018 Sails: May 27

17 Night European Connoisseur from Seville to London
Starting in Seville, this cruise visits the magnificent city of Cordoba, the great Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Oporto, and the inspiring cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. You will also have the opportunity to taste wine in Bordeaux, visit St Catherine's Church in Honfleur and visit England’s West Country.
2018 Sails: Jun 8

17 Night The Norwegian Fjords roundtrip from London
This maiden cruise to Norway begins in London before sailing to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Cross the North Sea to Norway and enter one of the largest fjords in the world, Hardangerfjord. You will also have the opportunity to visit the village of Geiranger, capital Oslo, and the fun-loving city of Amsterdam.
2018 Sails: Jun 20

17 Night The British Isles roundtrip from London
After a two-night hotel stay in London, this fabulous cruise sets sail beneath the gaze of London’s Tower Bridge, on a circumnavigation of the scepter's isle beginning with the cobblestone streets of St Peter Port in the Channel Islands. You will also enjoy the world's largest global garden, the Eden Project in Cornwall, explore the Abbey Gardens of Tresco and step ashore on the Isle of Angelsey in Wales, before cruising to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, followed by York.
2018 Sails: Jul 19

17 Night The Three Rivers from London to Lisbon
No maiden cruise to the great rivers of France would be complete without a trip along one of the most romantic waterways in the world, the Seine, taking you inland to Rouen, the capital of Normandy, for an opportunity to enjoy a day out in romantic Paris, the City of Lights. This cruise also includes a stroll through the coastal port of Honfleur, wine tasting in Bordeaux and sightseeing in the Spanish province of Galicia, ending with a two-night hotel stay in Lisbon.
2018 Sails: Aug 17

17 Night Mediterranean Odyssey from Lisbon to Rome
From sherry tasting in Jerez and the remarkable architecture of Barcelona to elegant evenings in the South of France and the Italian Riviera, taste and style feature on this voyage. Also, enjoy the historical treasures of Florence and Rome.
2018 Sails: Aug 29

18 Night Iceland, Faroes, and Shetlands roundtrip from London
Discover the dramatic and unique landscape of Iceland with gushing geysers, rumbling volcanoes and creeping glaciers. Not only is this legendary island home to spectacular geological features, it is also blessed with fantastic bird and animal life. The other remote and equally beautiful Shetland also feature in this itinerary.
2018 Sails: Jul 4

18 Night Iceland, Faroes, and Shetlands roundtrip from London
Discover the dramatic and unique landscape of Iceland with gushing geysers, rumbling volcanoes and creeping glaciers. Not only is this legendary island home to spectacular geological features, it is also blessed with fantastic bird and animal life. The other remote and equally beautiful Shetland and Orkney Islands also feature in this itinerary.
2018 Sails: Aug 2

19 Night Grand Voyage to Dalmatia and Classical Greece from Venice to Athens
Ancient empires collide on this fascinating cruise - visit the Temple of Jupiter in Split and the birthplace of Achilles, Delos, in Greece. The Baroque church of St Blaise in Dubrovnik and the Minoan site of Akrotiri are also featured.
2018 Sails: Sep 24

20 Night Beyond Burm and the Malay Peninsula from Singapore to Columbo
Enjoy the dynamic city of Singapore, cruise the stunning islands of Thailand, historic Malaysia and spiritual Sri Lanka, with two nights in the heart of Rangoon, a place described by Rudyard Kipling as “quite unlike any land you know about,” an observation that still rings true today.
2019 Sails: Jan 22

21 Night Grand Aegean Experience, Dalmatia & Venice From Athens to Venice
Combine the sites of Greece and the Dalmatian Coast on this grand voyage, exploring Athens, Crete, Karpathos and Nisyros before cruising past Kotor Bay to the walled city of Dubrovnik and the Italian city of Trieste. Your journey ends with an overnight stay in incomparable Venice.
2018 Sails: Apr 27

21 Night Grand Aegean and Egyptian Experience roundtrip from Athens
Our second dedicated Greek grand voyage, beginning with two nights in Athens to explore the great sites of antiquity, of which the Acropolis, site of the Parthenon is a must. You will also enjoy a sightseeing drive to the monastery of Osios Loukas followed by Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, and Corinth, one of the largest cities of the ancient world.
2018 Sails: Oct 9

22 Night Grand Aegean Experience I roundtrip from Athens
The world-famous Acropolis; the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus; and the ancient Oracle of Apollo, Mount Parnassus; are just some of the legendary Grecian sites you'll visit on the first of our Greece only grand voyages.
2018 Sails: Sep 30

24 Night Grand Voyage through the Aegean and Middle Sea from Athens to Malaga
This grand voyage across the Mediterranean begins with a four-day tour of Classical Greece, featuring hotel stays in Delphi and Nauplia, before cruising through what has been known historically as the Middle Sea.
2018 Sails: Oct 17

25 Night Grand Middle Sea, Moorish Spain, and the Canaries from Athens to Tenerife
Explore the contrasts and connections of history's most enduring civilizations, from ancient Greece and the Roman ruins of Sicily to the moorish heritage of Spain, the exotic sites of Morocco and the flourishing landscapes of the Canary Islands.
2018 Sails: Oct 27

27 Night from Grand Voyage to Italy, the Adriatic & Spain Venice to Seville
This voyage traces the artful history of the Renaissance throughout Italy and the Adriatic before concluding in the vibrant city of Seville. Along the way visit Urbino, birthplace of the great master painter Raphael, as well as iconic Florence, the Sicilian landscapes of Taormina, and the Picasso Museum in Malaga.
2018 Sails: May 17

27 Night Grand Voyage to Spain, the Rivieras, and Adriatic from Lisbon to Venice
Historical and architectural treasures abound on this grand voyage, from the gothic cathedrals of Lisbon and Spain's magnificent Alhambra to the Papal Palace in Avignon and the stunning Santa Croce Basilica in Lecce.
2018 Sails: Aug 29

27 Night The Golden Triangle to the Strait of Malacca from Delhi to Singapore
Experience an incredible two-night stay in the sprawling, fascinating Indian capital of Delhi. Then journey from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, to Agra and the unparalleled majesty of the Taj Mahal. Sail to Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Andaman Islands, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, before spending two nights in Singapore.
2019 Sails: Jan 1

29 Night Grand Rome, Iberia & Western Europe from Rome to London
Cruise to the best of Europe on this epic grand voyage, including the European capitals of Rome, Seville, Lisbon, Bordeaux and London. Scenic cruising of the Maddalena Archipelago, Spain's Guadalquivir River, and the Gironde River in France is the perfect cherry on top of this visually beautiful and historically significant itinerary.
2018 Sails: May 27

29 Night Grand Voyage to Iberia, France, England and Norway from Seville to London
Beginning with the sites of Iberia including the Royal Palace Alcazar and the Alfama, you'll then enjoy sherry tasting in Oporto and a visit to Chateaux country in France before sailing north to the breathtaking fjords of Norway.
2018 Sails: Jun 8

29 Night Grand France, Iberia and Italy from London to Rome
Board Aegean Odyssey in the heart of one of the world’s greatest capitals, London, as she make her maiden voyage to the three great rivers of France. Visit the Spanish province of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Oporto and the capital of Lisbon. Cruise to Cadiz and Malaga before concluding your journey with a two-night hotel stay in Rome.
2018 Sails: Aug 17

31 Night Islands of the Indian Ocean and South Africa from Columbo to Cape Town
Jungle landscapes and Buddhist temples give way to tropical islands and big game parks on this 33-day voyage from Asia to South Africa, taking you to Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion Island, before included wildlife safaris and three nights in Cape Town.
2019 Sails: Feb 10

32 Night Grand Voyage to Norway, Iceland and Atlantic Islands Roundtrip from London
The spectacular natural beauty of the Northern waters are the heart of this voyage. Sailing roundtrip from London, you'll admire the dramatic landscapes of Iceland, cruise the expansive fjords of Norway and visit the colorful turf-roofed villages of the Danish Faroe Islands.
2018 Sails: Jun 20

32 Night Grand Circumnavigation of Britain and Iceland roundtrip from London
This eclectic grand voyage has something for everyone, from the Neolithic highlights of Scotland and the sites of panoramic London to the geothermal fields of Iceland and the iconic Irish city of Dublin.
2018 Sails: Jul 4

32 Night Grand Britain, Iceland, and Northern Waters roundtrip from London
Cruising roundtrip from London, this voyage offers a deep dive into the British Isles, including Wales, Scotland and England. The beautiful landscapes of Iceland and the Danish Faroe Islands are a colorful complement to this exploration into northern waters.
2018 Sails: Jul 19

32 Night South Africa, Namibia, and the Skeleton Coast from Cape Town to Malaga
A remarkable journey from the summer sunshine of South Africa’s Cape Town to the wild coast of Namibia, the warm Atlantic Bom Bom Island, Praia in Cape Verde and Las Palmas in the Canaries, followed by the incredible sights, sounds and atmosphere of Morocco.
2019 Sails: Mar 12

37 Night Passage to Ancient Egypt and India from Athens to Delhi
As the year ends, the weather in India and the Red Sea is more in keeping with summer in northern Europe. It’s the ideal time to sail from the classical myths of mainland Greece, through the historically significant Suez Canal, to Jordan, Pharaonic Egypt and India.
2018 Sails: Dec 5

50 Night Grand Asia, Indian Ocean and South Africa from Singapore to Cape Town
A fantastic grand voyage from exotic Malaysia and Burma to the tropical paradises of Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands, Mauritius, Reunion, the Maldives and the Seychelles, before the wonders of South Africa, including three unforgettable safaris, Durban and historic Cape Town.
2019 Sails: Jan 22

54 Night Grand Empires and Ancient Civilizations from Athens to Singapore
A truly unforgettable festive grand voyage that includes classical Athens, the treasures of India, Petra - a city carved into living rock, Cairo, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings in Pharaonic Egypt, the islands of the Indian Ocean, as well as Christmas and New Year celebrations at sea.
2018 Sails: Dec 5

62 Night Grand Indian Ocean and Southern Africa from Columbo to Malaga
Journey from Sri Lanka to the Maldives and the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Visit Durban, Cape Town and the safari parks of South Africa, then cruise the spectacular Namibian coast to the sun-drenched islands of the Atlantic and the Kasbahs of Morocco.
2019 Sails: Feb 10

81 Night Grand Asia and Southern Africa from Singapore to Malaga
This grand voyage takes you from the dynamic city of Singapore on an immersive journey to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand, the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean, Burma and the game parks of South Africa, Namibia and the Skeleton coast, the islands of the Atlantic and the marvels of Morocco.
2019 Sails: Jan 22

129 Night The Grand Odyssey from Athens to Malaga
This extraordinary 130-day voyage spanning three continents takes you to many of the greatest sites in the world, from majestic natural wonders to ancient mysteries and man-made masterpieces, with over 50 sites and excursions included in your cruise fare. This promises to be the travel experience of a lifetime.
2018 Sails: Dec 5

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AEGEAN ODYSSEY is a premium class ship that is being especially rebuilt to cater for cruising in the coastal waters of the central and southern Mediterranean. The vessel provides the best features of a mid-size ship such as passenger space, a choice of restaurants and stability in inclement weather. It also has the personal service and intimate surroundings of a small ship. Other advantages of the ship's size are that it is able visit ports that are too small for larger vessels, navigate around the scenic islands of the Adriatic and Mediterranean and can also pass through the Corinth Canal. In contrast to the massive vessels cruising to and from the major ports of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, Aegean Odyssey is a mid-sized ship adapted for island and coastal cruising. This means that she can visit smaller, less crowded harbors and sail closer the coast enabling you to really appreciate the magical views. Her size allows Voyages to Antiquity to navigate the great rivers of Southeast Asia and berth in the heart of Bangkok, Yangon (Rangoon) and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The vessel provides the best features of a mid-size ship such as passenger space, a choice of restaurants and stability in inclement weather. It also has the personal service and intimate surroundings of a small ship.


Originally a mid-size vessel carrying up to 570 passengers, Aegean Odyssey's new configuration includes generously sized suites, junior suites and staterooms with and without balconies. This means she now accommodates fewer than 380. By creating these new staterooms we will add a dimension of luxury to the vessel and this has enabled us to create a special level of accommodation entitled "Concierge Class". These guests will benefit from a few extra features to those enjoyed by all passengers on the ship. Classically elegant but far from stuffy and formal, Aegean Odyssey has been designed to offer the sophisticated traveller every comfort at sea.


In addition to the standard cabin features such as windows (instead of portholes), a flatscreen television, safe, hair dryer, and luxury bedding, passengers in Concierge Class staterooms will also enjoy: A welcome bottle of champagne, Refrigerated mini bar, Complimentary bottled water in all staterooms, Dressing gown and slippers, Boutique bathroom amenities, DVD selection, Priority sightseeing boarding, Personal concierge service.


Aegean Odyssey has a beautifully appointed and well-stocked library. As well as a selection of books covering classical history and literature, the library also has range of modern fiction, magazines and newspapers. For those passengers who want to keep in touch with friends, check the markets or find out what's happening in the world, there is also an internet centre on board. To attend to the body as well as the mind, you can relax on the sweeping sun decks and cool off in the outdoor pool. There is also a fully equipped gym with lockers and showers, a spa with his and hers saunas, massage and beauty treatment rooms and early morning yoga on the Lido Deck. The hairdressers and beauty centre are located on the Belvedere Deck adjacent to the reception area.


As well as being one of the world's most historically interesting and naturally beautiful destinations, the Mediterranean is also home to an unsurpassed culinary tradition. This gastronomic culture of using the very best fresh local ingredients cooked in a simple but delicious and healthy style is the inspiration for the three restaurants on Aegean Odyssey.

THE MARCO POLO (lunch and dinner)

The most formal of the ship's restaurants, the Marco Polo, has a full waiter service, casual country-club elegance (a jacket is suggested at dinner) and Mediterranean influenced food. At lunchtime, you can choose from a variety of starters such as Parma ham and melon or tricolore salad, three dishes of the day including grilled fish, a pasta special and a choice of desserts, fruit and cheese. In the evening, dinner will include appetisers, soup, salads, a choice of three or four main courses and desserts (see menu). The complimentary house wines are carefully sourced from Italy, Croatia, Sicily and Greece. There is also a full wine list of superior vintages available.

THE TERRACE CAFE (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

With a combination of indoor and outdoor seating, sophisticated Mediterranean interior design and cooking on the open grill, the Terrace Cafe replicates the charm and ambiance of a seaside trattoria. As well as the grill, there is a large buffet with hot dishes of the day, a selection of salads, Italian antipasti such as bruschetta, beef carpaccio or fresh mozzarella drizzled with virgin olive oil. Pasta is served with a choice of homemade Italian sauces and for dessert there is a large selection including ice creams. For liquid refreshment there is a wine and aperitif bar. The day starts in the Terrace Cafe with breakfast when you can either enjoy a healthy combination of yoghurt, fruit and muesli or indulge in eggs, bacon or omelette.


In the evenings, Tapas on the Terrace recreates the informal yet sophisticated atmosphere of a Mediterranean bistro. Here you can choose from a selection of mouth-watering appetizers, try our delicious seafood paella or pick from the wide-range of authentic Italian pizzas. Equal care has been given to the selection of the wines served at Tapas on the Terrace; these will be served at your table by our helpful waiting staff.

AFTERNOON TEA - one of England's greatest contributions to civilisation

There is something magical about the tradition of taking tea at sea. On afternoons when you are not ashore, a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, cakes and scones will be served in the Observation Lounge. Accompanying these is, of course, a selection of refreshing teas and a choice of coffees. A cup of Darjeeling, a slice of freshly baked cake and the panoramic views of the Mediterranean: the perfect combination.


If you prefer to start your day in the comfort of your cabin, then our room service staff will be happy to bring a continental breakfast. There is also a limited room service menu available throughout the day from noon to midnight.


For those passengers enjoying a late night discussing the excitements of the day's sightseeing, a selection of light snacks freshly prepared by our chefs will be available in the Lido and Rendezvous bars.


Ask any world traveller where they receive the best service and they will undoubtedly answer the Far East. Of all the nationalities in that part of the world, it is the Filipinos who carry the highest reputation for attention to detail. Completely fluent in English and always serving with a smile, our Filipino crew will win your hearts. Your cabin steward will refresh your cabin before you even realise you need it. Your waiter will remember whether you take coffee or tea, and the barman whether you like your Martini shaken or stirred. They, and the rest of our officers and crew, are dedicated to making your holiday a delightful experience throughout.

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