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  Cruise Ship Reviews : Carnival Cruise Lines Reviews

Carnival Paradise reviews

Carnival Paradise reviews

Average customer rating:
    3.41 / 5

Average Rating based on 6 Reviews:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 3.173.17
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 3.673.67
EntertainmentEntertainment = 4.004.00
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 3.753.75
Food QualityFood Quality = 2.672.67
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 3.833.83
SpaSpa = 3.003.00
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 1.501.50
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 3.833.83

Carnival Paradise itineraries and information

corneel saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 33
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 22
EntertainmentEntertainment = 44
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 33
Food QualityFood Quality = 11
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 33
SpaSpa = 33
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 11
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 44
Great staff, horrible food, January 7, 2014
Reviewer: corneel

Pros: Hard working and friendly staff

Cons: The food, the food, the food.

Date of cruise: December 28, 2013

Departure port: Tampa

Region visited: Caribbean - Western

Cabin category: Outside

Cabin number: M31

Good for children: No

Good for teenagers: No

This was our first cruise but certainly not our last. We fell in love with cruising but next we will use another company. The food on the Paradise ship was awful.

Some of the dinners were so bad, we were convinced the kitchen was run by Costco. My wife had meatloaf on the last night that we were convinced came from a tin and was just warmed up.

This seems to be more of a party cruise, our teenagers were bored because so many of the night activities were for over 18 year old.

laurz60 saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 44
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 44
EntertainmentEntertainment = 44
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 44
Food QualityFood Quality = 55
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 44
SpaSpa = 44
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 44
Great value, good food and service, March 1, 2012
Reviewer: laurz60

Pros: The food in the main dining room was very good, the service even better

Cons: Pool not big enough, too many children, need a bigger pool for adults only

Date of cruise: February 20, 2012

Departure port: Tampa

Region visited: Caribbean - Western

Cabin category: Outside

Cabin number: e221

Good for children: Yes

Good for teenagers: Yes

This was our first cruise and we thoroughly enjoyed it all. The ship was very nice, the cabin very clean and, while small, did the job well. Loved the special towel animals every night. Richard our steward was terrific and friendly.

The main dining was great, delicious foods with some nice surprises. Our waitress Snezhanna was great, very friendly and accommodating. Her assistant was great, too.

The entertainment was very good and there always seemed to be something to do. The only thing my group felt was lacking was a better pool area, too small, too many children.

The excursions were exactly as described and were enjoyed by all. We did the Seven Mile beach in Cayman and the fury paradise beach party and snorkel..would definitely recommend.

cheezz1 saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 22
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 55
EntertainmentEntertainment = 33
Food QualityFood Quality = 33
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 44
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 33
Good for first-time cruise, June 29, 2011
Reviewer: cheezz1

Pros: Low cost, clean ship, food presentation

Cons: Staff could have been friendlier; deck markings only at elevator; food quality

Departure port: Long Beach

Region visited: Mexico

Cabin category: Outside

Cabin number: R194

Just got back from a short cruise - Long Beach > Catalina > Ensenada > Long Beach. It was my friend's first cruise so she got a taste of a good "beginner" cruise ship.

I would rate Carnival Paradise below the Norwegian. The staff were friendly enough, but only just - barely saw our room porter. The food could have been better, but there were enough choices to satisfy. It is a confusing ship with lots of decks midway between others and no way to know where you were if you took the stairs (which we always did). You had to get off the stairs, walk over to the elevators and look at the deck plan to see where you were! There were two large gift shops and a library that took us two days to discover.

Embarkation was the only hassle. We were there five hours before departure (5:30 departure and 12:30-3:30 was the recommended boarding time). It was jammed with people - better to come later (or earlier than suggested) I guess. It took 20 minutes to grab a porter and get the bags checked. Watch them take your bag away as bags were over-stacked and falling off the cart and and the porter didn't stop to pick them up. One couple still hadn't found their bags (2) by the second day.

The paparazzi - honestly, does anyone really like a camera shoved in their face every 30 minutes?! They were at every meal (right as we finished eating - sans lipstick) with partially eaten food everywhere. Not a picture-perfect moment. I guess at $12 per 5x7 photo, they are making a killing.

Disembarkation went smoothly. Most of the people dragging their own bags behind them got off first (which took an hour). We got off half an hour later (last group onboard) and had no crowds at all.

The room has ONE electrical outlet. There is another outlet in the bathroom, but it says "shavers only". No hair dryer, so bring your own and plan to dry your hair in front of the room mirror. We took turns charging cameras and phones. The beds were very comfy, with warm down comforters.

I was impressed with the laundry rooms - I guess it's nice if you're traveling with a lot of kids or only want to take two or three changes of clothes. $3 to wash, $3 to dry, $1.25 for soap and softener, big sink, 2 irons and ironing boards (free to use).

Stay in your room to read if you like it quiet - music blasts all over the ship and we had a hard time finding a place quiet enough to read. The "Serenity Deck" is the adults-only deck with two hot tubs, chairs and lounges -- located under the Lido buffet. It ISN'T serene, though, as music is blasting there as well. If you exit the rear of the buffet area to the outside seating area, it is the quietest part of the ship. Or take ear plugs.

I was leery of getting on the tender that takes you into Catalina - it is only 1/4 mile but I get seasick easily. Turned out to be a breeze - no problem at all. Lots of people in town and it's easy to do in two to three hours. It's about a mile or more into the shops of Ensenada, so it's easier to take the constant shuttles from the ship. It's $3 round trip and they all go to the same place.

Riding into town, they tell you a bit about the city and offer a couple of tours. We took the one to La Bufadora (The Blowhole) as it was half the price of booking on the ship. We had a great guide - Jaimie - and he chatted the whole way to the destination (35 minutes). La Bufadora is one of three blowholes in the world and was quite spectacular.

Afterwards, we "ran the gauntlet" through the shops - no other way to put it... they make telemarketers and time share salesmen look pathetic! Had some really good soft tacos with hand made corn tortillas, though. Bought some Kahlua (it's only $1 more to purchase it onboard, though) and pure vanilla (my one "gotta buy" item).

Pics posted here:

jsblatz saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 22
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 22
Food QualityFood Quality = 11
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 22
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 22
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 22
Food was terrible, rest of cruise was okay, October 27, 2010
Reviewer: jsblatz

Pros: Good casino

Cons: Food and food services are bad

Date of cruise: October 18, 2019

Departure port: Long Beach

Region visited: Mexico

Cabin category: Jr. Suite

Cabin number: u111

What more can I say?

ragad3 saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 44
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 55
EntertainmentEntertainment = 55
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 44
Food QualityFood Quality = 44
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 55
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 55
A very memorable and enjoyable first cruise for my family., July 14, 2010
Reviewer: ragad3

Pros: The cabins, the service, the atmosphere aboard, the enthusiasm and the shows.

Cons: The pool - inadequate, sea water, no temperature control.

Date of cruise: July 5, 2010

Departure port: Long Beach

Region visited: Mexico

Cabin category: Inside

Cabin number: R121

Good for children: Yes

rwdsquared saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 44
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 44
EntertainmentEntertainment = 44
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 44
Food QualityFood Quality = 22
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 55
SpaSpa = 22
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 55
Very enjoyable, good entertainment, excellent service, but mediocre food, June 23, 2010
Reviewer: rwdsquared

Pros: Good entertainment, excellent dining service, and plenty to do on board

Cons: If the dining room were a restaurant, we would not go back for a second meal

Date of cruise: June 14, 2010

Departure port: Long Beach

Region visited: Mexico

Cabin category: Outside

Cabin number: R28

Good for children: Yes

Good for teenagers: Yes

We cruised from Long Beach to Catalina and Ensenada with our daughter and 10-year-old granddaughter.

We had been upgraded from inside cabins on the Riviera deck to outside cabins, a pleasant surprise, since we did have portholes to look out. Our cabin had been made up into a double bed, while the other cabin had two separate twin beds. The cabins were clean and very well-maintained, and the toilets were somewhat small but not uncomfortable.

The ship had more than enough facilities, shops, activities, etc. There was an outdoor mini-golf, running track, and fitness center - all of which were excellent and enjoyable. The main pool was small, and there was a waterslide that our granddaughter enjoyed - lines did not appear to ever be too long, but the landing area took up about half of the pool, so swimming is really not possible. There also was a children's pool for small children on a separate deck, away from the main active area, which would be great for families with small children.

There was musical entertainment throughout the day at multiple locations around the ship and all of those that we heard were good musicians and added to the enjoyment or relaxing by the pool, etc. We went to two of the evening shows, both of which were filled with energy, good singing, a funny comedian, and suitable for everyone in our group. They did have a late night R-rated show, which was clearly advertised as such, so you cannot mistakenly bring children to the show. The adults in our group did not go, so I cannot comment on the quality of that show.

There was abundant food throughout the day, which we felt was over-emphasized by the cruise director. Given the number of obese people we saw, there really was no need to encourage people to eat early and often. There was ample seating in the buffet areas, and the main dining room where we ate most meals (one of two main dining rooms) was pleasant and comfortable. Our serving staff were excellent, as well as very pleasant and sociable - they definitely added to our dining experience. After the first dinner, they knew our preferences and brought water with lemon, one capuccino and two decaf capuccinos after dinner, without the need for us to request them. They brought us special desserts for the anniversary and birthday that we celebrated on board - a nice touch, but they were nothing special in terms of quality.

The menu typically had some variety, but not as much as we had expected from cruising on other lines. For dinner there were typically six new dishes each night and four "classic" dishes that were available at all meals. There were cold soups, salads, and vegetarian dishes as well as steak, chicken, fish and pasta dishes. Overall, any diet could be accommodated without ordering outside the menu. Portions were appropriate - not too big, but certainly not too small. Also, as expected, there was never a problem getting two appetizers or replacing a dish that we did not like (only happened once).

All of the above would have made the cruise great if the quality of the food had been better. Fish, after the first day, had a metallic taste, indicating that it had not been fresh even on the day of departure. Almost every dish was somewhat bland - a little seasoning, not just salt, would have added a lot to the taste of almost everything. Steaks were prepared as ordered, but they lacked a little flavor. With the exception of one fish dish, there was nothing that was unacceptable. That dish was immediately replaced with no hassle.

Overall, the food was such that, if the dining room were a restaurant, after going there the first time we would not have willingly returned for a second meal. The quality of food at the buffets was similar - abundant, but not an overwhelming variety and nothing especially tasty. Frozen yogurt was available 24/7, but it wasn't especially flavorful.

We are not food snobs, but we are good cooks, and we had hoped that dining would add to the cruise experience, but it detracted from the overall rating we would give for this cruise. We can still remember great meals from other cruises, so if food is a major factor in your decision about what ship to select, this is not the cruise ship for you.

All four of us, spanning three generations, had a very nice time on the cruise and the overall experience was enjoyable, although not memorable.

We did not take advantage of the children's clubs, but they do have three different clubs separated into three different age groups. One of the purposes of our trip was to spend more time with our granddaughter, so we did not enroll her in any of the activities offered by the club at her age level, but we did see children around the ship and they appeared to be enjoying the activities sponsored by Carnival.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this cruise/ship to families with children of any age, with the understanding that the adults will be disappointed by the food. I would definitely not recommend the cruise for adults traveling alone - there are much better options for a similar cost.

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