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  Cruise Ship Reviews : Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Reviews

NCL Norwegian Sun reviews

NCL Norwegian Sun reviews

Average customer rating:
    3.49 / 5

Average Rating based on 5 Reviews:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 2.602.60
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 4.004.00
EntertainmentEntertainment = 3.403.40
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 4.504.50
Food QualityFood Quality = 2.602.60
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 3.203.20
SpaSpa = 4.674.67
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 3.503.50
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 4.004.00

NCL Norwegian Sun itineraries and information

Larrr saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 22
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 33
EntertainmentEntertainment = 55
Food QualityFood Quality = 33
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 33
SpaSpa = 44
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 22
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 44
First cruise and based on this experience would not take another one., April 7, 2011
Reviewer: Larrr

Pros: Early exit was ahead of schedule - thankfully.

Cons: Beds were so terrible, they were stuffed with towels and blankets to look level.

Date of cruise: March 26, 2011

Departure port: Port Canaveral

Region visited: Caribbean - Eastern

Cabin category: Balcony

Cabin number: 9235

Based on this cruise, I will not take another one. The only way to get plates and eating utensils in main dining area was to go during off hours. I actually discovered where spoons were stored the 3rd day. Servers did not replenish supplies as they ran out. Had to call to have washcloths or other items put in room after each cleaning. On top of $12 per person per day mandatory prepaid tip, there were unexplained service charges added to every purchase. Deckhands were painting every day, and this ship had just come out of drydock three months earlier. Still - by the fourth day out, rust could be seen on nearly every railing, and mounting on the decks. The handrails for the stairs were wrapped with what looked like crime scene black and yellow tape, apparently broken or otherwise damaged under the tape. The railings that weren't wrapped were sticky and weren't cleaned from the second day out. I'm not sure if this is typical, since it was my first cruise, but the seas were never more than one to four feet, and yet the ship rocked and swayed noticeably. My wife got a little queasy the first day, and the rich food, different, food had her spending the night in the bathroom. I decided to ask for some imodium for her, and found out You don't ever indicate that you might be sick, because they quarantined her for 24 hours even though she had no temperature, and was already feeling better when they demanded to see her.

This was advertised as a fitness cruise, but we had to pay $300 extra for the benefits of the fitness staff.

We knew we wanted early departure from the time we booked, because of a long road trip home, but we were not allowed to request it until two days before the cruise was over. The staff on the deck for passenger question, had an attitude that oozed, "I'm not going to help You". Every question we asked was answered with "I'm sorry but. . ."

We booked shore excursions through the NCL, hoping to not get ripped off by the locals, and also because of the threat that if an excursion not booked by NCL returned late the boat wouldn't wait. The excursions were pathetic. I know This isn't the place, but - at the prices we paid, I didn't expect to be driven through the worst areas of the island, past houses that looked like they had been bombed to see a fort that had an advertised admittance price of $1 once we got there.

All of our friends told us "Oh - You're going to love cruising. We've gone several times. blah blah blah .

The only thing I can figure is that they never cruised NCL.

droid7 saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 33
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 33
EntertainmentEntertainment = 44
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 55
Food QualityFood Quality = 11
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 11
SpaSpa = 55
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 33
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 22
NCL Sun, January cruise to the Caribbean, January 17, 2011
Reviewer: droid7

Pros: Last minute value for Florida zip codes

Cons: Filthy everywhere you look

Date of cruise: January 1, 2011

Departure port: Port Canaveral

Region visited: Caribbean - Eastern

Cabin category: Outside

Cabin number: 5005

Good for teenagers: No

Norwegian Cruise Lines Sun, January cruse to the Caribbean -- filthy, cockroach-infested, fake food, stains on the sheets, no heat. Want the time of your life then don’t step foot on the NCL Sun.

When we arrived on deck 5 to our full window berth I could not believe they expected us to sleep there, between the stains on the white bed spread and mystery stains on the sheets and pillow cases. After informing the guest services of this several people appeared and we got clean bedding the next morning.

We complained three times, as did others on our deck, that there was no heat on our deck. I received several written responses that everything was ‘Normal’. We received a frayed and torn extra twin bed blanket for the two of us who would sleep in our clothing all but the last night.

After turning a deaf ear to our heat problem, on the fifth morning my wife smelled a burning smell in the bathroom enclosure. I called guest services who sent someone in a grey jacket that examined the bathroom and said, yes, there was something burning in the wall. He placed a call from our room phone and disappeared. I waited what seemed like forever with the door open. Others passing by the room commented they also smelled something burning.

Finally, as a lay person thinking it might be a big deal, I returned to guest services where the person at the desk told me, yes, we have your new complaint that there is no heat in your cabin. So loud others could hear me, I told them the guy who left thought something in the wall was burning. That turned a few heads and a technician arrived who also agreed it smelled like an electrical problem in the wall. First, he removed the wall filter by hand to show a filthy filter with what looked to be cotton on both sides. The walls of the heater were covered in lint and dust and apparently, according to him, it had caused the fan to stop spinning thus the burning smell from a very hot fan motor. (I have included the photos of his tearing the wall out and the filter.) I think the dust caused an allergy reaction not only with me, but later in an elevator, discussing the trip, another passenger told me his allergies were real bad also. I told him to pull out his filter and if it was as filthy as mine to demand they change it.

On the second day of the voyage my wife and I went up to the pool deck to get some sun. When she took off her shoe a cockroach wandered out. I captured it in a napkin and returned to guest services with it and quietly explained what had occurred. They sent the "pest team" who went over the cabin with a small flashlight and left.

Later that evening after falling asleep the phone rang (we had arrived on the redeye New Year’s evening to Florida from California and with the time changes and flight were tired. Guest services wanted to let us know the bug team had determined “that the cockroach was not theirs.” I got up, and since I went to bed in my clothing, checked my shoes and went to the desk to complain. No one knew who placed that call.

The next morning a knock at the door was Christopher in a white uniform who pleasantly enough explained what he had meant was that the bug crew had not found any more cockroaches in the cabin. (Funny that night no one knew who called and after time to fix it they had an answer. I was to get another of the many “sorrys” as the solution for the problem.) He then asked if there was anything else he could do for us. I told him you are big on hand sanitizer but on arrival I had noticed a sticky-looking substance on the glass elevator dripping from the roof so could you tell someone to clean it off?

As I was to learn they are very good at pretending to listen or care but in one ear and out the other. On the next to the last day I took the hotel manager to the elevator and pointed out what had been there for at least 6sixdays.

So, filthy air to breath and cockroaches in your personal possessions are a great start to a trip of a lifetime you have PAID FOR WELL IN ADVANCE.

What about what goes inside of you, their food? Let’s start with the obvious: I also have photos of the long black hair in our morning fruit bowl from room service. How long does it take to pull them out of if they were looking? My wife is blond and I have short brown hair the room guys had short black hair. It was quite long and obvious on the green melon chunks.

They label the juice dispenser “orange juice” but what they pour into the fountain clearly states "orange drink cocktail" on the containers. When questioned the dining staff stated you can get real orange juice for additional cost. Why not say it is orange drink? Please, if your pouring fake orange juice call it what it is so we can choose. As it sits at the table it separates into water on top and the food coloring to the bottom. Something seemed wrong with the coffee they brew and again things are not what they seem as the large stainless steel coffee makers are giant instant coffee dispensers. Again we found out that for an additional charge you could have normal coffee where water passes over the grinds.

The buffet always seemed like someone should take a rag and clean it up (photos). Having the buffets in the back of the ship closed caused a jam-up at meal times. The first meal I tried on arrival was a mock hamburger. I called it "mock" as I work for a school and see trays of pre-marked hamburgers steamed for the kids; Guess what? NCL served them the same way, trays from the oven sitting in water. As I was adding the condiments the curtain actually hit my hand and I was told by a young man that I would need to go get into another line as he was closing this station. A man in the chef hat was watching this so I walked over and explained I was on vacation and did not take orders from the help. I left the plate and went to the fan ail where I was approached by a guy in a white uniform who asked if he could do anything. I said “Yes, get away from me.”

We went exploring around noon on another day and found the included Spanish dining area on the Sun. Here are olives, some cheese and a few lunch meats including baloney and salami with no peppercorns. Who gos on a once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean cruise hoping for a baloney sandwich on white bread?

Dinners were lacking in the prepaid venues and the staff once again was rude. We tried to make reservations for two and were told just come on down as “two is no problem." So that evening after determining many in front of us were in large parties, I approached the desk and told her "two." She told me “go, get back in line.” We went out the dining hall and around to the bar where I watched other pairs loiter by the entrance where it would become clear later she was calling out “two” from time to time from her podium. Not knowing if the couples were joining others I needed to wait to be seated to see them finishing before we got our water. Guess the solution NCL staff offered after walking away from the table to tell the headwaiter of this? “Sorry.”

The meals themselves were time and again a disgrace. On the last night I received the roast beef lunchmeat I had avoided with gravy along with one tablespoon of canned peas with two baby carrots as the roast beef dinner. If you read roasted potatoes would you expect more than four slices from a single potato?

Yes, you can request all the plates or dinners you want. The shrimp cocktail had a very strong taste as if the shrimp were old. One night I received three thin slices of a steak...only Jesus could feed more on a steak than NCL. A note on this cruise: The head chief was Indian and it had an influence on the spicing of every thing from fried potatoes, rice with chunks of fish blended in, to the cold cherry soup that was quite good.

Let’s go explore the islands with NCL partners. The excursions desk set me up with a power snorkel adventure, where a machine would pull you through the ocean. Included was an open bar with snacks. It was listed as 4½ hours on the card provided by NCL staff. The photo of the machines at NCL’s website look like machines from James Bond. In fact, the fans were 10 inches thick with the battery in the handle. Once away I asked for a beer where I was told no beer, wine or spirits but on the way back we could have some rum punch.

Off we went to “Turtle Island” for a day among the turtles, of course. As we approached an island the skipper told us how much more fun it would be to dive at a shipwreck. We parked between 10 to 12 other boats with 40 to 60 people each and several scuba diver ships and were informed it was better here than where we had paid to go (it was also closer to the ship). You could have booked the shipwreck tour for half of what we paid for Turtle Island snorkel adventure.

When I asked for a snack I was told to have a warm coke as no ice was on board the Jolly Mon. After a written complaint about the power snorkels not having been charged as they quit 10 minutes into the adventure (I swam back holding one in each arm as my wife is a novice swimmer), no beer or open bar, no snacks and the crew who must have thought we did not want the last hour on the catamaran and returned 60 minutes early, NCL refunded 50 percent to those who had signed on to the original letter.(I was to find out later the others who had also had dead power snorkels paid the full price to NCL even though they knew the facts about the group’s problems.)

After the electrical fire, I went to the guest services desk where I informed them I had had enough and wanted to speak with someone with ”stars or bars” on their shoulders. We met with the hotel manager who I was to believe genuinely was as shocked as we were (or had he done this a thousand times before?) The air-conditioning person told us this ship has to heat water and send it through the heating pipes but they was not fired up as oil costs money.

The Sun’s hotel manager asked for some time to review the matter and we found $300 ship's credit for a ruined trip on the last full day. That took care of the mandatory tipping and the $19.95 photos and a souvenir from the gift shop. Not a refund to our charge card, mind you, but a credit for shipboard retail.

Waiting to meet with him we were able to hear a constant stream of cruisers wondering about this charge or that. A few of the favorites were the man who liking his bartender had given him tips to only find out that all transactions at the bar had a 15 percent gratuity charged to them, so a tip on the tip he had given. Another woman wondered about the two $6 charges on her bill. She was informed she had grabbed two small waters on the way to an island, the kind that are six for a $1 in a store. NCL has a strict policy of no water or soda being brought on board, the charge for a soda card was $60 per person. At the pier locals sell cold water for a dollar a bottle; I wonder if NCL knew this.

In conclusion, if you are still reading, the Carnival Dream which we shadowed on the trip, had 24-hour free sushi bar with more than California rolls, pizza and pasta bars, BBQ on the decks and more included in the meals, which the people on St. Thomas informed us were very good as we talked at a pulled pork stand eating our first good meal in days.

Just to think, at Trip Advisor we had read of a sewage smell from a poster on the Dream and changes to Carnival from that fact alone. On the Sun we went to the fourth deck by accident after a show and it smelled bad. We asked someone in the hall about the smell and they said it was that way each day. The man also told me there was a banging sound in his wall. Seems the crew had put the gangplank away wrong and something big and metal was striking his cabin wall with each wave. Guest services had told him nothing could be done until we unloaded in two more days.

All goes to the business model for NCL, where you certainly do not get what you paid for, from fake juice and stained sheets in a room with roaches, to shore excursion that are not what are represented in writing. I have included photos of much of what I have written. Do yourself a favor and explore your options in cruising, sometimes you get far less than what you are paying for and they pocket your money as profits.

When you don’t get what you paid for and speak to the second in command all that is left is to warn others in words with large format photos. So, don’t do it. There are other cruise lines that you can sail on. Our trip was ruined day after day by NCL’s, sanitation, food and several rude people. Finally there is always something good to say about anything and talking to others regarding our interactions with the Sun and staff we were able to make some new friends who also were disgusted by the treatment to passengers. In the seven days three sets of passengers would be traveling on her again. The overwhelming majority were sick they had booked on the NCL Sun and would not do it again.

lewisnb saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 11
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 55
EntertainmentEntertainment = 22
Food QualityFood Quality = 33
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 44
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 55
Did not meet the expectations of previous cruise lines we have sailed, September 26, 2010
Reviewer: lewisnb

Pros: My cabin was the biggest I have ever had, cabin staff super nice

Cons: Internet horrible speed, dinner menu never reached my expectations

Date of cruise: September 8, 2010

Departure port: Dover

Region visited: Europe

Cabin category: Inside

Cabin number: 0304

The table space available in the buffet topside resturant was INSUFFICIENT to say the least. Ended up eating most of our meals in the formal dining rooms. Internet was so slow it was FRUSTRATING, especially at $55 per hour. Spent half the time WAITING.

Tours were very good and the weather cooperated considering the fall time of the year. Enjoyed Tallin and Russia the most. Ballet was a nice experience. Travelers were middle-aged and lots older. Very few young travelers, saw NO children except saw three on last morning at breakfast with family? Thank you NCL, but next trip I will go back to Royal Caribbean. Always a winner for us.

Spotty Dog saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 44
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 55
EntertainmentEntertainment = 44
Fitness CenterFitness Center = 44
Food QualityFood Quality = 44
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 44
SpaSpa = 55
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 55
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 55
Top quality service by all staff, September 13, 2010
Reviewer: Spotty Dog

Pros: Ideal cruise for first-timers, above average service

Cons: Entertainment, while very good, was very short (about one hour per night)

Departure port: Dover

Region visited: Scandinavia

Cabin category: Balcony

Cabin number: 0040

Good for children: No

Good for teenagers: No

Overall, a very pleasant and relaxing cruise. Superb organization. Everyone worked hard to make it memorable for the passengers.

susiek saw things this way:
Value For MoneyValue For Money = 33
Cabin DesignCabin Design = 44
EntertainmentEntertainment = 22
Food QualityFood Quality = 22
Ship MaintenanceShip Maintenance = 44
Specialty RestaurantSpecialty Restaurant = 44
Staff and ServiceStaff and Service = 44
Great for older crowd. Destinations excellent. On-board explanations only ok., June 26, 2010
Reviewer: susiek

Pros: Destinations are great.

Cons: Food in main dining room not up to standards that I'm used to

Departure port: Dover

Region visited: Europe

Cabin category: Inside

Cabin number: 7101

Good for children: No

Good for teenagers: No

This is a great cruise overall for the older crowd. The destinations, however, make the cruise worthwhile for anyone. This ship, however, is really pushing their numerous speciality restaurants and I believe food and the service in the main dining rooms have suffered as a result.

The on-board ship activities leave a lot to be desired. This could be because the crowd was so much older or it could be because the focus is on the destinations. However, even on the days at sea they had very few activities except for bingo and Norwegian U classes.

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