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From AARP to The Wall Street Journal to … Kiplinger, MSNBC, The Street, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News and more … the compliments and mentions here can give you insight into our website.

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Great Ways to Save – 16 Ways to Travel Cheap – Number 6

The Wall Street Journal
The Best in… Travel: Cruise Deals

Travel + Leisure
CruiseCompete Takes Top Honors in Travel + Leisure's
“Top 60 Best Apps and Websites for Travelers”

Best Travel Sites

Travel + Leisure
The Best Sites for Deals and Up-to-Date Travel Information 

Pauline Frommer on MSNBC
"A revolutionary new web site is going to change how you shop for cruises."

The Street.com
Score Luxury Cruises at Bargain Prices 

Yahoo Finance
26 secrets to save on travel (#23)

Gayot–The Guide to the Good life
Top 10 Cruise Lines for Specialty Dining – Unique Fine Dining Experiences at Sea
With the help of CruiseCompete

Top 7 reasons CruiseCompete is best

Chicago Tribune
Spending: how to get the best deal on a cruise (from Kiplinger’s Money Power)

5 Great Websites to Search for Amazing Cruise Offers

Yahoo Travel
Party Like It's 1899 With These Round-the-World Cruises
May 2014
Heidi Allison, senior partner at cruise booking website Cruise Compete, told Yahoo Travel that their world-cruise bookings have increased 72% over the last five years.

Yahoo Finance
What Is Your River Ship Size - XS, S, M or L? Choose the Perfect River Cruise Ship Size in 2014
February 2014
River cruises top the list of many vacationer's to-do lists and rightfully so. The charm of a river cruise cannot be denied. The pace is slower, so the experiences are richer ... To learn more about river cruises, or to book a cruise, please visit www.CruiseCompete.com.

The New York Times
Travel – March 2014
Choose Your Own Cruise
The complexity of picking the right cruise has kept travel agencies flush for years. The accompanying flow chart, assembled with the help of CruiseCompete.com, a site that compiles competing cruise offers, is intended to help sort through some of the choices that factor into that decision-making process, from pricing to destinations to theme. At the end of each route, you will find a recommended option — but there are many more out there.

Toronto Sun
Top cruise trends for end-of-winter getaways
February 2014
Thanks to just-released data from the 2014 CruiseTrends report by CruiseCompete, the top ships, cruise lines and departure destinations for the upcoming cruise season have been revealed – and we're sharing the results with you so you can make the most when planning your own end-of-winter cruise vacation!

Bloomberg Business Week
A Caribbean Crowded With Ships Means Discounts for Cruise-Goers
February 2014
… Bob Levinstein, chief executive of CruiseCompete.com, which helps travel agents place bids for cruise itineraries … “There’s a glut of sailings in the Caribbean.”

New York Post
5 cruises to take you around the globe in style

April 2014
Heidi Allison, senior partner at cruise booking website Cruise Compete, told Yahoo Travel that their world-cruise bookings have increased 72% over the last five years.

5 Steps to Get the Best Deal on a Cruise (Kiplinger's Personal Finance)
February 2014
A good agent can land you freebies and the best cabin, as well as offer expertise in whatever kind of cruise you’re taking. At www.cruisecompete.com, cruise agents vie to find you the best deal. 

ETurbo News
Consumer trend reports for ocean and river cruises released
April 2014
CruiseCompete has released its CruiseTrends and Cruise Index reports for the month of April 2014.

23 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money
September 2013
At CruiseCompete.com, more than 300 travel agents vie to give you the lowest prices for dates, ports and ships you specify, whether you're booking well in advance or at the eleventh hour.

The Street
5 Travel Trends You'll See on the High Seas in 2014
January 2014
According to J.D. Power and Associates, 80% of all cruise line consumers experience a trouble-free excursion, paying on average $1,628 per person to hit the high seas….An online consumer cruise and travel service provider called CruiseCompete has a report on the travel trends that might induce even members of that 20% to come back.

What to Expect From Cruise Lines In '14
Main Street, January 2014
CruiseCompete says that so-called "educational travel" will be a big hit with consumers in 2014. Sea-going travelers want to "seek destinations related to places they have either read about or seen on television documentaries," the firm says, citing the Audie Murphy Memorial in France as one example of a popular destination

Pauline Frommer releases cruise insight for today's traveler
January 2014
Always use a cruise agent to book your trip because you are more likely to get extras, such as  ship-board amenities and travel to and from the port. Cruisecompete.com is a site where cruise passengers can shop for an agent and a price for a particular destination.

The New York Times
More Ships Sailing the Caribbean
January 2014
For example, prices on the nine-month-old Norwegian Breakaway or Allure of the Seas “won’t suffer much because they’re brand new or spectacular or both,” said Bob Levinstein, chief executive of CruiseCompete.com, an online agency. “Where there will be a lot of deals is on older ships. They offer great experience but don’t have the buzz.”

Miami Herald
New and larger ports in works, more choices for cruisers
January 2014
For passengers, any new destination is intriguing. “A major part of vacation planning is dreaming about where you wish to go,” said Bob Levenstein, CEO of Cruise Compete, a major travel agency. New ports and new itineraries fuel those dreams.

Cruise Addicts
Newsletters of Particular Interest To Cruise Travelers
June 2014
CruiseCompete.com has a newsletter that is mostly offers from Internet cruise brokers. Look beyond that to a dynamic search engine that allows us to find interesting information like all ships that sail from a certain port, when they do and what to expect for pricing. http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/content/inside-cruise-vacations-chris-owen/1329-newsletters-particular-interest-cruise-travelers.html#.U6Lto_ldWSo

2014 Cruise Trends by CruiseCompete
January 2014
CruiseCompete has polled close to one million consumers, over 20 seasoned travel writers, plus cruising colleagues, to ascertain the latest trends in cruising for oceans and rivers.

Top 7 reasons CruiseCompete is best
September 2013
While countless other consumer-oriented websites have come and gone during the past ten years, CruiseCompete continues to thrive. Why? The cruise travelers who use the site to research and plan their cruise vacations have their expectations exceeded and then recommend CruiseCompete to friends and family.

Mediterranean Top sacred sites from CruiseCompete
September 2013
CruiseCompete reports the top Spiritual pilgrimages in Europe via Cruise Ship.

Chicago Tribune
Spending: how to get the best deal on a cruise (from Kiplinger’s Money Power)
January 2014
At http://www.cruisecompete.com, cruise agents vie to find you the best deal.

There's still time to catch a cruise ship for the holidays.
November 2013
Another consumer-smart option: Cruisecompete.com has an online list of cabin openings for holiday cruises on MSC, Princess, Disney, Royal Caribbean and Cunard. After you select a particular cruise, individual agents bid for your business.

Spending: Secrets for saving on cruise fares
September 2013
Use an agent. A good cruise agent can land you solid deals, cabin upgrades and other extras. Find one… at http://www.cruisecompete.com, where more than 300 agencies vie for your business. 
Yahoo Finance
26 secrets to save on travel (#23)
June 2013
Use a travel agent. Cruises can prove more complicated than your standard trip by air or land, especially if you're a first-time cruiser, and booking snafus can cost you. And a good cruise agent can land you solid deals, cabin upgrades and other extras. At CruiseCompete.com, submit your cruise preferences, and the site will relay your request to more than 300 travel agents, who will then make you their best offers.

Travel + Leisure Magazine
CruiseCompete Takes Top Honors in Travel + Leisure Magazine's “Top 60 Best Apps and Websites for Travelers”
September 2012
Honorable Mention

Travel + Leisure
Most Important Travel Trends of 2012
August 2012
“’An explosion of capacity in the luxury cruise market is helping to drive never-before-seen early-bookings,’ says Bob Levinstein, CEO of deal site CruiseCompete, citing Azamara Club Cruises’ and Seabourn’s growing fleets.”

The Wall Street Journal
The Best in… Travel: Cruise Deals
November 2009
“As with virtually every part of the travel industry, cruise lines are offering some sizable discounts to fill their ships. CruiseCompete is a great place to begin looking for bargains. Based in Des Moines, Iowa (with nary a cruise ship in sight), the service asks you first to pick a cruise ship and the dates you wish to sail. It then shares that information with more than 300 travel agencies, which email prices back to you. You pick the lowest bid and book with that agent. The service is free. Clicking on "View all Cruise Specials" on the Web site's home page allows you to search cruises by various categories: region, cruise line, length of cruise and type of traveler. To learn more, visit CruiseCompete.com.”
Gayot–The Guide to the Good life
Top 10 Cruise Lines for Specialty Dining- Unique Fine Dining Experiences at Sea
“With the help of CruiseCompete, we have compiled a list of the best cruise lines for specialty dining, all of which offer a wide range of options, from upscale steakhouses to casual Coney Island-style boardwalk stands to haute French and Italian venues curated by top restaurateurs and celebrity chefs.”
Great Ways to Save – 16 Ways to Travel Cheap – Number 6
June 2012
“Smooth sailing. Cruises — especially shorter and less-expensive sailings, but luxury trips as well — will be bargains by midsummer and fall. Check out cruisecompete.com.”
Successful Meetings
CruiseCompete Previews Fall, Winter Cruise Trends
August 2011
“Before they book a fall or winter cruise event, meeting planners and incentive specialists should consider the latest cruise trends, published … by cruise booking website CruiseCompete…”
http://www.successfulmeetings.com/Conference-News/Research-White-Papers/Articles/CruiseCompete-Previews-Fall,-Winter-Cruise-Trends/Fox News 
5 Great Websites to Search for Amazing Cruise Offers
March 2013
CruiseCompete.com- “This free clearing house lets you choose your cruise and get competing bids from agents. Hundreds of agents have access to your request and respond with their best offers via the site.”
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) 
Clark Howard: Sail away with a deal on cruising
March 2013
“To check out deals on cruises, I have several websites for you to check out: 
CruiseCompete.com, DealNews.com and VacationsToGo.com.”
Secrets to the 10 most popular cruise ports
February 2012
“According to CruiseCompete.com's annual report, nine of the ten most popular cruise ports in the world are in the Caribbean (or close enough to count). The website's list, which is compiled from cruise quotes requested by potential customers, shows that Alaska is also a perennial favorite for cruisers. Several Inside Passage ports made the cut, with Juneau coming out as the most requested cruise stop in the 50 states.”
USA Today- Weekend
Smooth sailing- Summer sales make cruises even more tempting
August 2012
“Save on travel agents. Make sure in writing that if your fare drops, your travel agent will refund the difference without a fee or penalty, and make sure you can get your deposit back if you cancel by the final payment date. Travel agents will bid for your business oncruisecompete.com by lowering prices or throwing in free extras.”
23 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money…Find the best deals online…
September 2012
“At CruiseCompete.com, more than 300 travel agents vie to give you the lowest prices for dates, ports and ships you specify, whether you're booking well in advance or at the eleventh hour. You provide an e-mail address and they send you their best offers. Plus, the site has live agents available to guide you through the process through a live chat or by phone.”
The New York Times
For Cruise Deals, the Time Is Now
February 2012
“You can hunt and peck for such online deals on your own by plugging in your state of residence, or you can work with an agent who specializes in cruises to figure out how much you’ll actually save on a particular sailing. One place you can find an agent isCruiseCompete.com ….”
Bloomberg Business Week
“CruiseCompete LLC operates a cruise pricing Web site that enables cruisers to find and compare deals on cruise vacations.”
Best Travel Sites 
March 2011
“At CruiseCompete.com, more than 300 travel agents vie to give you the lowest prices for dates, ports and ships you specify -- whether you're booking well in advance or at the eleventh hour. You provide an e-mail address and they send you their best offers. Plus, the site even staffs live agents that guide you through the process via live chat or by phone.”

Secrets to Save on Travel
March 2011
“Visit CruiseCompete.com, where you submit your cruise preferences and more than 300 travel agents compete for your business.”

Travel + Leisure
Ask T+L: San Francisco Dining, Affordable Cruises, Spain Tour 
February 2009
“Search…forums like…cruisecompete.com, which submits your desired ship, sail date, and cabin type to dozens of travel agents, who get back to you with competing offers in just hours..” http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/ask-tl-february-2009

Travel + Leisure
The Best Sites for Deals and Up-to-Date Travel Information 
June 2006
As shown in sidebar: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/sail-away/sidebar/1

Travel + Leisure
12 Tips for Avoiding Storms at Sea
February 2005
 “If you're price-conscious and you already know which line and ship you want, it's worth shopping around on … cruise-specific on-line agencies, such as …Cruisecompete.com.”

Travel + Leisure
Seek Deals
June 2007
“With large groups and advance planning come bargains, especially from cruise lines (see cruisecompete.com).”

The Street.com
Best of the Best -- Cruises are Afloat Despite Caribbean Fatigue 
November 2011
Read The Street’s interview of CruiseCompete’ s Chief Executive Bob Levinstein

The Street.com
Score Luxury Cruises at Bargain Prices 
June 2010
“The best way to get a good deal is to put it out to bid. CruiseCompete.com enables travelers to plug in details -- destination, season, bargain or luxe line, length of trip and so on -- submit a cruise request, and review competitive bids from travel agents.”

Arthur Frommer Interview of CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein  
“As Bob (CEO CruiseCompete) put it, "Things that are posted out for everyone to see are not always the best price…”

Arthur Frommer
October 2007
 “If you're an avid cruiser, you'll want to know about CruiseCompete. Let's say you've been attracted by a particular cruise -- a specific ship sailing on a specific date -- but you want to make sure you're buying it at the lowest possible price. That's a task for CruiseCompete.

Pauline Frommer
March 2012
“What’s Right and What’s Wrong in Travel” (5 Things Pauline Frommer Liked) “Cruise Prices Drop -The reason for the prices drops is that when the world economy was rolling, cruise lines ordered mega ships with a ton of rooms. Now they have to fill those cabins in a global recession. How do you do that? You drop the price until people start showing up at the docks ready to hit the open seas. Never book from the cruise lines directly. Use a cruise specialist travel agent or a site like CruiseCompete.com”

Pauline Frommer on MSNBC
"A revolutionary new web site is going to change how you shop for cruises."

The Washington Post
What a Site: 36 Web Addresses You Should Know (CruiseCompete- Cruises)
“Plug in cruise particulars and site peddles your request to nearly 90 travel agencies who then send you bids. Service is free, and prices are often lower than those on traditional cruise-booking sites.”

6 Costly Mistakes Cruise Goers Make
May 2008
“To find the best deal on any given cruise, compare prices on CruiseCompete.com, recommends Anne Banas, executive editor of SmarterTravel.com. The site allows users to solicit multiple price quotes from agents around the country for the exact sailing dates you request.”

Budget Travel 
105 Supersmart Strategies 

June 2007
“Let cruise brokers fight over you. CruiseCompete.com is a website where you post info on the cruise you want to take, and then agents bid against each other to get your business. You're under no obligation to buy anything if you don't like what you see.”

Budget Travel -- MSNBC / Overhead Bin
July 2011
“Now's the perfect time to book a fall repositioning cruise. When cruise ships change locations, like many will in the coming months, passengers going along for the ride often score remarkable deals. CruiseCompete makes it easy to browse all sorts of repositioning cruise specials in one spot …”

Los Angeles Times
A travel agent can help you find the best cruise and the best deal 
July 2008
"You also can book through an on-line third-party agency or go to a site that will compete for your business, such as CruiseCompete.com. If I set sail again, I'll use an agent, whether it's clicks or bricks because, frankly, he or she (or it) will offer to help. And when was the last time anybody else in the travel industry bothered to do that?”

Family Deals 
“CruiseCompete.com -- Handy! This site organizes bargains by categories, and has a page for Family Cruise Specials: a good way to find cheaper cruises, on a variety of lines.”http://travelwithkids.about.com/od/familycruises/a/cheap_cruises.htm

Top 10 Cruise Web Sites  
(CruiseCompete is No. 5)

The New York Times
The Cruise Issue: Practical Traveler -- How to Find Cruise Line Deals 
February 2011
 “… CruiseCompete.com, allows you to select the cruise you want to take, and independent travel agents compete to offer you the best deal. You compare the offers in your account, and then contact the agent with the best rates directly by phone or e-mail to book.”

USA Today
Comparison-shopping tools lure travelers 
October 2003
“Would-be passengers register an e-mail address and fill out a form indicating which ship, cabin type and date they're interested in, and they are notified by CruiseCompete.com whenever one of 20 participating cruise agencies provides a rate quote. The service is free to consumers but not to the agencies, which pay a commission for any resulting sales.”

Money (in magazine only, not online)
Best Deals on Everything >> Part 1
“The real fun of most cruises is exploring when the ship docks. Cruise lines typically mark up guided shore excursions 100%. Book one of those jaunts with a local company on your own instead, and you may save about $200 for a family of four”, says Bob Levinstein, CEO of online marketplace CruiseCompete.com.”

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